Did Binary Fission Shape Our Universe?

We are in the midst of a momentous transformation in modern physics. As scientists look further and more clearly into space than ever before, we get a lot of mysterious and weird observations about the primordial stars and remainings of the superstitious big bang cosmology. Some, don’t even match with the predictions of our most iconic theories.

However, ever since the dawn of civilization, people have craved to reveal the enigmatic truth about their existence. Beginning from Friedmann’s classical big bang theory till Ashtekar and Martin’s loop quantum cosmology, each person has struggled to understand the underlying order of the world. Even, now we have various ideas on multiverse taxonomy. So, now we'll make a relation between the evolution of the biological unicellular organism to harmonize with the evolution of our universe and others, making it a wide chain of universes. A Multiverse.

The Amoebic Universe. It is rather arduous to contemplate the life cycles of a creature infinitely smaller than the universe itself, to tell us about the universe’s beginning. It starts with the creation of matter through collapse or random popping out of Feynman Electrodynamics.
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A unicellular organism, called Amoeba
When we precisely look upon an Amoeba, through all its stages then we come to know about its complexity of life structure. The first stage is its growth and development, and soon the organism expands itself. We thus can conclude the universe expands like an Amoeba. Then the procedure of ingestion comes which can possibly explain the boundary conditions of the universe. The graphic below shows how pseudopodia - fake hands of the creature, helps it to engulf other organisms. This can be a very good way of imagining what can be the boundary conditions of our universe and how new matter (both dark and baryonic), is formed throughout the spacetime.

We can combinedly compare the stages of vacuole formation, assimilation, and absorption with some of the hidden aspects of the universe. As we can see, the rhythmic formation of matter and energy, near the boundary we never know, if it will ever have pseudopodia, like stuff! But nextly, we could explain the process of egestion similar to what happens in an amoeba by, harmonizing it with the black hole: the dump yard! When a sufficient amount of undigested food gets collected in the food vacuole, it is thrown out of the body by rupturing cell membrane. As in a universe, the food vacuoles are our black holes which take in all the matter around them and grow bigger, finally ejecting it through Hawking radiation or Gamma-ray bursts., etc.

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Life Processes of an Amoeba

But the superstitious the fact comes when it binarily fuses or reproduces. I assume that the tides turn here and somethings happen that break our existing rules of physics, which probably would and it divides itself into two or more! This gives a mother of our universe and this only happens at a specific point on space-time, from where the expansion would have begun. I swear, the mathematical complexity could unveil the mystery about the birth of a new, from an old universe. So, the question still remains.

Did Binary Fission Shape our Universe? Probably, YES!