Did Binary Fission Shape Our Universe?

We are in the midst of a momentous transformation in modern physics. As scientists look further and more clearly into space than ever before, we get a lot of mysterious and weird observations about the primordial stars and remainings of the superstitious big bang cosmology. Some, don’t even match with the predictions of our most iconic theories. However, ever since the dawn of civilization, people have craved to reveal the enigmatic truth about their existence. Beginning from Friedmann’s classical big bang theory till Ashtekar and Martin’s loop quantum cosmology, each person has struggled to understand the underlying order of the world. Even, now we have various ideas on multiverse taxonomy. So, now we'll make a relation between the evolution of the biological unicellular organism to harmonize with the evolution of our universe and others, making it a wide chain of universes. A Multiverse. The Amoebic Universe. It is rather arduous to contemplate the life cycles